Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Potty Training...Piece of Cake

We have spent a large majority of Jackson's life struggling. Jackson is an incredibly strong willed, head strong child which poses a variety of challenges on a daily basis. These challenges have become even more apparent the more pregnant I've become, due in part to my lack of patience and his insecurity and difficulty with all the changes.

This all being said...this is not a post to talk about our challenges and is to brag a little bit about our amazing child whose strong willed personality has proven to be a benefit in the Potty Training department!

We attempted to potty train Jackson around 18 months old because he showed such a strong interest in it but it was too soon and so we backed off. Because we attempted it then and backed off we knew that we were going to have to wait till he was 100% ready and than attempt again with no turning back.

Shortly after turning 2, Jackson began showing an interest again in it and so we started to have him go potty at specific times everyday (when waking up, before nap, after nap, before bed). This continued for about 2 months before he came to me one day and asked to wear underwear and from that point on we didn't turn back. We gave it a good month of just pottying at home and wearing a pull up out before he asked to wear underwear to the store. While at the store he had to go pee and successfully without a single tear or fear went on a big potty at the store! I couldn't believe it! How was it that my little BOY was almost fully potty trained at not even 2.5 years old!

We have had set backs once or twice...mostly due to our big move from Colorado to Washington at the end of August but he quickly got back on track and is now 95% potty trained at 3 months shy of 3 years old and will pee anywhere!

And then today...well I just have to brag about what happened today!

I was making his dinner and he came up saying he had to go I asked him if he wanted to try and go on his own  (we've been working on pulling our own underwear and pants up and down lately), he said yes! I heard the door close and i waited a minute then i decided to go see what he was up to. I walked into him successfully peeing on the potty with his pants down! I than sat back and watched him while he picked up the little potty container, dumped it in the big potty, got a wipe, wiped himself, flushed the toilet, pulled up his underwear and pants, got the step stool, washed his hands, put the step stool away and then without a pause...walked out the door and turned back and said .."i'm all done mommy"

I was in utter shock! I couldn't even think of the right words to tell him how proud I was of him...

Every struggle, every challenge, every minute of feeling like a failure as a parent and uncertainty of if my child loves me or hates me were completely gone in that moment. I knew in that moment that I'm doing something right as his mommy. I am raising an amazing person!
my heart