Wednesday, November 16, 2011

He is definietly my son!

Pretty much every negative quality of mine since birth Jackson has unfortunately inherited. He had colic like a mad man and sensitive skin which led to a spendy trial and error process with soap, wipes and diapers. He is extremely "Spirited" and what I call "passionate" about life :) And he attempts to push what I think each day is my last button till the next day when he finds a new one. We struggle with his eating and getting him to gain weight which also has been a very costly process.

However despite all of this he is my beautiful son and I would do anything in this world for him and wouldn't change a single thing about him (except for maybe if he would sleep a little more).

Awhile ago I was cutting up some olives for dinner and he kept begging for some so I said what the heck have one! His eyes lit up like he'd seen Santa Claus and a tiny little "mmmmm" could be hear as he gnawed away at that delicious morsel. Many people may know that I am a huge fan of olives and while Jesse tolerates them in small quantities he is in no way a "fan" of olives. Tonight I introduced Jackson to the the "Olive hand". Boy oh Boy this kid is DEFINITELY my son!!

hmmmmm what shall I do with these

oh that's right! EAT THEM!!! num num num

so delicious!

out of everything on his plate...what does he eat first?!?!

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