Friday, December 30, 2011

A little bit of this...A little bit of that

Yes! We are alive! :)

I just realized that I haven't made a post since the end of November! Obviously the hustle and bustle of the Holidays certainly got away with me :)

A little update on the happenings of the wacky Gardner household:

*Jackson and I headed back to Oregon for 9 days in December to celebrate the Holidays with mine and Jesse's families. We had so much fun! We celebrated Thanksgiving one weekend and Christmas the next and feel so blessed that our families were willing to put together these events for us :) Jackson had such fun making Christmas cookies with Aunt Melissa and stood in awe as he watched a Christmas tree get cut down for the first time. He made some amazing memories with cousins Henry and Joshua and learned about new traditions with Grandma Brigette! What an amazing trip we had!

*Jesse, Jackson and I experienced a new kind of Christmas this year. We have always celebrated Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with our families and while this year was difficult and challenging to be away from everyone it helped us to realize something beautiful. We are now our own little Family. This is something that I think I've known since Jackson was born but I guess I've never really thought about until this holiday season. Realizing this has meant that I now must admit that I am an adult....obviously I have been an adult for some time now...but it's a hard to describe feeling of new found responsibility. We make the traditions now, we are responsible for all decisions that we make and further more we are the ones that have to make the decisions.
Jesse and I discussed how this year's Christmas didn't really feel like one but when we came to the day and saw Jackson's entire face light up as he grasped the concept of Santa more and the beauty in his eyes as he looked at the "Prettttyyyyy" lights (as he calls them) our hearts couldn't help but be filled with joy. All in all it was a wonderful Christmas and we can't wait for the excitement Jackson will have next year being a year older :)

*I have not so patiently been waiting for 4 months now for Jackson's darn 2nd molars to cut through! Now I know that while I'm waiting, Jackson is clearly doing all the work here. But I certainly have lost out on quite a bit of sleep with the 5am wake ups and the 40 min naps. FINALLY 2 days ago he cut the bottom right now and then in typical Jackson fashion yesterday he cut the bottom left one. This kid sure doesn't do anything slow as he now only has 2 teeth left to cut and he's only almost 22 months! This means that most likely he will have ALL his teeth by his 2nd Birthday! So crazy! But the minute he cut these suckers he's been sleeping from 7pm-7am and taking 1.5hour naps...I know it isn't likely to last but I am very very happy for the time that it will last :) It's the small things...

It amazes me what a BOY Jackson really is! He has recently become obsessed with the stereotypical planes, trains and automobiles :) I love it! He is using his imagination so much more now and takes parts of many different toys and makes a whole new toy with them all...SO cool!

He is growing up so fast and while I want him to slow down to savor it all I am excited to see what an amazing little boy I know he is going to become!

I may be a little biased but he is one CUTE little guy ;)

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