Sunday, July 17, 2011

Welcome to our life!


I have decided to start this blog not only as a way to share with our family and friends all the exciting events of our new adventure to Colorado but also as a memory for Jackson to look back on one day.

If you were to ask me a year ago if we'd be packing up and moving away from the NW to Colorado I would've thought you were crazy! I have lived my entire life in Beaverton, OR probably within a 20 mile radius and that is all I've ever known so I have found this new adventure in Colorado to be at times exciting and at other times completely and utterly terrifying!

For those of you that do not  know why we have moved to Colorado...let me share! Jesse works for Bose (speakers, headphones...) and while he really enjoyed working at the Portland, OR store as the assistant manager he felt it was time for a move up and so he applied for the Denver, CO airport store(s). After a longggggg interview process he was offered the job and we up and moved within about 2 weeks! This process has certainly been a test of our patience, perseverance and strength. Not one part of our moving process was smooth but I suppose looking back on it now that that was the exciting part about it, odd to say I know. There is a certain since of thrill and excitement when you have no idea what is about to happen, it's all NEW! Of course when we actually got here and the exciting part about the "move" was gone and reality sat in that is when the fear set in....
                                                  What happens now?

Well, for me what happened next was a good long 3 hour freak out before my mom left on a plane back to my home and I was left with a feeling of "what the heck have we done, i don't want to be here and please please please take me homeeeeeee!!!" Of course going back home wasn't an option...I'm a mom and a wife and depended on to be a sense of stability and strength for my boys right now. My mom said it best when she said "although you can't be strong for yourself right now you HAVE to be strong for Jackson." It was hearing that that gave me the kick in the pants I needed to put my fear aside and do whatever I needed to do for my boys. Each day I have to focus on waking up and saying to myself  "Today WILL be a good day and I WILL get through this because failure is not an option."

We've been in Colorado for about 1 1/2 weeks now and so far my saving grace has been TOMTOM :) Without our TomTom i'd probably be in some random state and Jackson and I wouldn't have explored half of the places we have.

                                                                   Exploring around the Rec Center

                                                                  Hanging out at a park we found :)

Everyday Jackson and I set out to explore something new and exciting...keep looking for more of our adventures :)

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  1. Elisabeth - you are an AWESOME writer! This will be such a wonderful diary of your family's grand adventure - and a priceless memory for Jackson when he is big. Great Job!!!!!!