Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We are digging this weather!!

Coming from a place that rains oh i'd say 95% of the year we are in heaven here! Yes, it is ridiculously HOT with a level of humidity that I don't think anyone should ever have to endure but once you look past that it is gorgeous!
Jackson and I have been starting each morning with about a 3 mile walk around the neighborhoods behind our apartment complex at 8:00am ish mostly because Jackson still hasn't figured out that it is OK to sleep here and because by 9:30am it is about 80 degrees with 70% humidity. I have no idea why I never did these walks when we lived in Oregon, it is such a refreshing way to start our day plus it helps me get some much needed exercise. If Jackson were to decide that sleeping is a past time that he'd like to take up I would gladly walk in the heat if it meant I could sleep an extra hour or two but unfortunately we aren't there yet.
Going from a part-time work outside the home mom/stay at home to a full on stay at home mom has been quite an adjustment. Jackson and I are figuring each other out now that we spend the majority of our days alone together and while at times it does feel daunting the fact that I don't ever get a break except for when he sleeps it is very gratifying to see him catch on to new words and skills that I have taught him. We cherish Jesse's early arrivals home and days off and enjoy exploring this new environment together as a family! We have become quite the outdoorsy water family since being here, probably because it is sweltering! We hit the pool every afternoon and try to discover new exciting parks that have water fountains incorporated into them. Yesterday we tried out "Water World" which was basically a disneyland with water and while it was super fun to watch Jackson run in and out of the waterfalls squealing with glee it was pretty darn overwhelming and we all left completely exhausted. An experience none the less...

                                       Here are a few pictures of our most recent adventures:
                                                          Checking out the Giraffes at the Denver Zoo
                                                           Having the best time at the pool with Daddy!
                                                                This kid LOVES the water!!!
                                                                                               Apparently it's very easy to get tan here :)

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