Saturday, February 11, 2012

It is my mission

As a mother I think about all the values I want to instill in my child as he grows up.

I want him to be a friend to all and a lover of the world.
I want him to not judge others for who they are but bask in the awesomeness of who they are.
I want him to be a positive productive member of society and be happy in knowing exactly who he is.
Of course there are many many more...

And this all means that it is my mission to provide him with a strong and supportive role model as a mother. This means doing things that are scary and uncomfortable at times to provide him with an example.

It is no surprise that most leasing consultants in apartment complexes aren't always the most delightful people. Unfortunately one such individual in our current leasing office has messed with the wrong mama bear. Let's just say that this man is not one of those people that is a "friend to all and lover of the world." He has treated Jesse and I disrespectfully since we moved into this complex and he has recently pushed my last button!
I filled out a survey sent to me by Corporate in which I , without naming names, briefly wrote how unsatisfied we were with a member of the leasing office. One would think that since this survey was sent to me by the Corporate Office that is where it would be returned...clearly not. This past week this man decided to take my phone number out of my file and CALL me to discuss my problem with him!!! Yes...he actually did that! During this conversation he did not take a tone of apology or a willingness to work things out he instead was confrontational and left me feeling scared and afraid to enter the leasing office or be in our apartment anymore. My initial reaction was to say...ok let's just leave it and not make it any worse. BUT I was reminded that it is NOT ok for me to have to live in fear in my own home because of someone else's actions.

This is now an opportunity for me to set an example for my child and to prove to myself just how brave I really am. I am not going to drop it and I am not going to roll over on this.

This man is a bully and it is my mission to teach Jackson that you don't have to let bully's bully you. 

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  1. Elisabeth! I hope this is resolved quickly for you and in the best way possible. We too have had negative experiences with apartment leasing offices, but with some bravery and professionalism it always ended well (for us). You're a great Mom and a great woman!