Sunday, February 5, 2012

Snowman Fun!

Well over the past few days Colorado has sure gotten hit by a fair amount of snow! 15" in our area to be exact since Friday and boy oh boy are these Oregonians happy!

Colorado does an amazing job at keeping on top of the snow/ice and making things as safe as possible on the roads. There was quite a different reaction to this storm vs. other storms that have come through this winter. This time around the news named the storm "Winter Blast!" which definitely reminded me of Oregon's reaction to snow :) People scrambled to the grocery stores leaving the shelves which contained milk, eggs, bread and meat completely bare! Crazy! Luckily we had done our grocery shopping earlier in the week so we were set to just hang at home and hunker down.

I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing Jackson's reaction to the snow first thing when he wakes up in the priceless. And now that his vocabulary has started to grow at such a rapid rate the small sentences he puts together are so amazing and proud for me to hear! This time around Jackson came bolting out of his room and because the blinds were closed he didn't notice the snow at first. But when I told him to look outside he came running, plastered his face against the window and squealed "snowwwwwwwww....prettttyyyyyy....seeeee!" Made my heart melt :) Unfortunately during the first day for the snow on Friday the wind was howling so we had to stay inside all day because that's no place for a child with basically 0 body fat. But on Saturday we sure made up for having to stay inside all day on Friday!

Jesse, Jackson and I ventured out to build Jackson's 1st Snowman! Jesse and I both agreed that building that snowman as a family has been the most fun we've had since being here in Colorado! Such a wonderful memory for us all :)

helping Daddy!
Yes we did use Green Olives for the eyes & buttons, a cheeto puff for the nose and green beans for the mouth :)
I Love this!

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