Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Back Off Lady

Today Jackson started his first dance/music class. With the days leading up to today, I myself was very excited for Jackson to start this class because this kid has music just pulsing through his blood! I was ready for him to show these Colorado people what he was made off and get down with his bad self!

Of course I was prepared for Jackson to be how Jackson is and most likely throw a few fits here or there and for me to spend the majority of class redirecting him from destroying activities that other children were trying to enjoy. But I thought to myself...just stay relaxed, keep your cool and expect these things to happen so maybe it'll be a little easier if they do. Well....they did happen and it wasn't any easier.

For some reason I just can't seem to wrap my head around why my child is the only one in these classes that I take him to that acts out and can't listen to instructions. Why???? Now to be fair to Jackson the majority of kids in this class were girls and this may be where part of the difference lies. I have been told and witnessed in these classes that the girls tend to be more mellow and able to stand still and wait for things to happen longer than the boys can. This has been very much the case in all of Jackson's classes. However, Jackson is typically the only or one of two boys in the class that just wants to run and be free and play, play, play and unable to stop and listen to instructions. I know he's 2 and he's learning but it is so frustrating even still.

The class started off with the teacher throwing out a bunch of balls for the kids to play with. Jackson grabbed a ball, played with it for awhile, dropped it than ran off to get a different one. Typical 2 year old behavior right??? I would think that's normal for a 2 year old but apparently i was wrong because when I looked around every single kid was playing with their one ball and nicely passing it back and forth to their mom without any issues or fits. I thought to myself...hmmm robots??? haha no in fact I was slightly envious of those moms and their beautifully controlled children. I noticed that one of the little girls was from Jackson's last social play class he took in February and I remember that the mom would often give me dirty looks in that last class. Now the little girl is very small for her age so it's possible that this mother is VERY overprotective but STILL it didn't give her the right to do what she did.
Jackson was running around picking up different balls to look at the different patterns on them and he just happened to pick up a ball that this little girl had dropped but I watched her and she just ran and got another ball. Then when she dropped the next ball I grabbed it and handed it back to her saying "oh sweetie here's your ball." Nice right?? So then this mom looks right at me and instead of saying Thank you she says " Actually her ball is the one that your son grabbed off the ground after she dropped it." REALLY LADY?!?! Of course I was on my last nerve with Jackson because he had already attempted to destroy 3 different activities that the kids were trying to do in class and I had every mom's eyes staring at me while I was desperately trying to get Jackson to behave so my response to this mom was " well...it looks like she found a different ball that she likes so maybe you should back off." At this point we were 20 minutes in to class and I was DONE...I grabbed Jackson and we left.

Not sure if we'll try again next week...I have a week to decide.

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