Monday, April 9, 2012

Bye Bye Paci

Jackson has been a tried and true Paci user since birth. As a baby he had it in his mouth the majority of the time because it was the only thing that seemed to have a small chance of calming him down. As he got older we knew we needed to start using it less and less. We waited a good few months past moving to Colorado to start weaning him down to just nap & bedtime use and it went pretty well! With our few trips back and forth to Oregon and all the change he's gone through I wanted to wait till around 2 to start the process of saying bye bye to paci.

I've been spending tons of time lately researching tips and tricks on how to get rid of paci. I decided to get the Elmo video "Bye Bye Pacifier" because Jackson digs Elmo and I thought if he saw Elmo say bye bye it would make things a little easier. With Jackson's spirited personality I was SURE that this process was going to include screaming, fits and a few weeks of little sleep and naughty behavior.

2 days ago I decided to put the video on just to give ourselves a break from the obsession of curious george that has taken over our house. We talked a little bit about what was happening in the video and that Elmo was a big boy now and didn't need his paci anymore. That night...without even thinking about it I picked up Jackson to go rock him for bed time and realized half way through my rocking that he didn't have the paci in his mouth! I thought well...let's see what happens. And to my amazement he simply rolled over and fell asleep and slept all night! He hasn't mentioned the Paci since and goes down without any issues.


Many stages that we've gone through with Jackson have been HUGE struggles. He is quite a strong willed and spirited child and constantly provides us with opportunities to work on our patience :) I am so thankful to my child for providing us with a mini break in a big change in his life! I am thankful to him for finally not fighting me on something and being the Big Boy that I know he is becoming.

Thank you Jackson from the bottom of my exhausted mommy heart!

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