Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kimberly & Joshua come for a visit!

For the past 7 days we have been so blessed to have Kimberly & Joshua fly to Colorado to visit us! Joshua is just 4 months old and with this being his first long trip away from home he has done wonderful! His little coo's and caa's along with that bright eyed dimpled smile just melts out heart everytime and helps Jesse and I to remember back to when Jackson was a newborn :) Granted Jackson was quite the challenging newborn what with his colic and inability to sleep but when we think back we try to block that out and remember all those first milestones that he achieved and that we feel so blessed to see Joshua experience now.
Jackson was quite excited to see Kimberly & Joshua at the airport and couldn't wait to get his paws on Joshua! Of course Jackson is still too young to understand his own strength and often tried to lay on top of Joshua and get as close as humanely possible to his face. While this was very sweet and made for some memorable pictures it made my heart race and I would immediately begin sweating the closer he got because as I'm sure any parent knows, a 17 month old is completely unpredictable! As the visit has gone on though, Joshua has become less of a novelty and more of a constant so Jackson has been less interested which has done wonders for my blood pressure :)
We have gone on so many adventures since Kimberly & Joshua have been here, mostly involving water since it's in the 90's here:
The boys getting ready to hit the pool!

Joshua's first pool experience!

The best $20 we've ever spent! Thank you Ikea!

Clearly someone needs a haircut :)

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