Sunday, October 16, 2011

If I could reach in and pull them through myself I would!

Yesterday was a rough day! Jackson was up at 5:30am for some ungodly reason and then to top it off he would only take a 1 hour nap. In typical Jackson fashion this led to one grouchy kiddo and mommy.

I am certain that this was due mostly to the massive chompers he has coming in (All 4 second molars). Jackson has been such a champion teether. He broke the first tooth around 4 months old and they haven't taken a break for longer than 2 months since that. These molars however may be the death of me! I swear he has been working on them for 3 weeks now and it breaks my heart every time he points at his ears and says "owie mommy." If I could reach my hand in there, without him biting me, and pull those suckers through i'd do it in a heartbeat.

Anyways, these angry teeth have led to many challenging days lately, including yesterday. Jackson has taken up poking Jesse and I directly in our eyes, throwing wooden puzzle pieces at my face and pinching our legs as hard as he can. Most days we get through simply by mommy drinking an obscene amount of coffee throughout the day and taking DEEP breaths. I always wonder if I'm the only one going through this right now and if this last forever? Funny how looking back now the colic and lack of sleep don't seem so bad compared to the physical injuries we receive from our active and "Spirited" toddler. Don't get me wrong, colic was BAD! At times after 10 hours of constant screaming we found ourselves wondering if we dropped him off the balcony would he bounce? OF COURSE we would NEVER EVER do that but after that much screaming and crying and lack of sleep you just aren't in your own head anymore.

Needless to say, I hope these dang teeth break through soon because while I know I can't take the challenging behavior much longer I know Jackson doesn't want to endure the pain even more so.

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