Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Our First Colorado SNOW!!

The news has been talking about the snow coming for the last week or so but being from Oregon we never allowed ourselves to get too excited about it because we figured it just wouldn't happen. Well...we were wrong, it certainly did happen and is still happening now!

We have about 5inches on the ground at our house and when Jackson saw the snow for the first time off the deck he pointed at the snow covered tree and squealed "SNOWMAN!!!" So precious :)

This morning we got all bundled up and Jesse decided to go in just a little late (he had a manager's shift so it was ok) and enjoyed watching Jackson experience the snow for the first time!

He was pretty darn excited to get his snow clothes on
I'm pretty sure he liked it, hard to tell though :)
This picture is so special to me
We LOVE the snow!

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