Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Another one bites the dust

Today started out pretty good, a little rocky but hey what day isn't with a toddler in the house right?

First off, Jackson started swim classes a few weeks ago and while the first week went off without a hitch (which was very un-Jackson like behavior) the second week was not quite as smooth. He was a bit apprehensive the first week with the kids and different atmosphere but during the second week he decided to throw the tantrum to beat all tantrums! This was a level 5 - gale force winds hurricane that sweeped through the rec center and continued on to the home front where damaging twisters tore through the house until the skies cleared 30 minutes later. So...naturally I woke up a bit un-easy today knowing that we'd have to show our faces to the people that looked at us with disapproving looks and would definitely not be my new bff's! Jackson once again surprised us and minus a few moments of toddler behavior ( wanting a toy and not wanting to participate) was extremely well behaved.

Because today was Jesse's day off and I like to suggest activities that I've been wanting to do but need an extra set of hands to help me with our spirited child I suggested we go down to the outlets. Jesse and I dispersed and performed the getting ready to leave routine ( I pack the bag & Jesse goes to the bathroom then gets Jackson's shoes on).

Unfortunately Jackson decided to take this time when his parents were busy to find his little Ikea chair, push it over to the wall, climb on top of it, stand up and fall straight into the wall. As we picked up our screaming child we noticed that blood was coming from somewhere and of course he had taken a big chunk out of his lip and bruised up his gums :(

A little doopy

It looks bad...but he seems fine

Still happy as a clam!

So while the day started off super awesome with a very successful swim class there is no telling when your child is going to decide to smack into a wall :)

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  1. Ouch! That looks like a real doozy. I didn't share with many folks, but three weeks ago Lucas fell down a flight of stairs. He was a bit banged up, but survived. I am still shaken from the incident... in spite of the fact that our little ones are fairly resilient. Thank goodness.