Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Helper Boy

I have noticed that Jackson's reach has grown quite a lot lately! He can now reach up onto the counters and I'm slowly running out of room of how far back I can push stuff out of reach. While this seems bothersome the majority of the time I have recently found a magnificent use for his little mischievous toddler fingers!

Since about 16 months Jackson has enjoyed "helping" lift piles of laundry up to me while I load it in the washer however NOW with his inspector gadget reach he himself can put the clothes in the washer!
With his willingness to help me with this task I am going to run with it...tonight he one by one loaded the entire pile of laundry into the washer and said "ready!" when he was done :)

I LOVE moments like this~

Oops one to many


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