Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sneaky Mommy

It is no surprise that Jackson being 22months old and the delight he is that we struggle at meal times. The number of foods that I can get him to willingly eat I can count on my two hands so I have taken to the sneaky approach.

This kid is quite observant so I have limited options on where I can sneak different foods in. I've tried cutting up veggies as small as I can cut them and sneak them in to eggs but he finds them and won't even touch it. BUT I have discovered that sneaking different veggies in to meatballs then covering the spot where they poke out with ketchup seems to be a success! I know I know, one day he will have to see that he is eating these veggies but my hope is that by the time he sees them that he'll be out of this difficult stage and it won't be such a struggle to just get him to simply TRY it!

So for now I will continue being sneaky mommy :)

he LOVES them!
finger lickin good
Tonight the sneaky veggie of choice was Zucchini

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