Thursday, June 7, 2012

It just got real

I still can't believe we're having another baby!!!!! My body sure believes it but I go through days where I can't quite wrap my mind around how in the heck I'm going to do this! I know many many many woman before me have done mom for one has and well I like to think that I turned out pretty good :)

This baby has been giving me a run for my money since day 1! Way more morning sickness (all day sickness) than with Jackson, I popped this last week at 9 weeks and I've been fighting exhaustion like I've been hit by a tranquilizer gun daily! Of course this time around I don't just have to take care of myself, I now have a wacky 2 year old that has taken up whining as his favorite hobby and won't let me sit longer than 5 seconds without needing something. Oh how I miss the days when I was pregnant with Jackson and besides work all I had to worry about was gaining the energy to get up to use the bathroom every 10min :)

This past week I was able to breathe a huge sigh of relief when we saw the baby for the first time and heard that beautiful (very strong!) heartbeat! My blood pressure is also doing VERY well compared to what it was with Jackson so that's a huge positive :) Sure I knew I was pregnant, i took like 10 tests, nausea, hormonal...all the classic signs. BUT it didn't get "real" until I heard that thump thump thump and saw the baby doing cartwheels in there! That's when the mixture of joy and panic took over. "How am I going to do this?!?"

Good thing I have quite a few months to try and figure it out!


  1. Congrats you guys! This is so exciting and you're going to do just fine. We will pray for a healthy pregnancy. Hopefully that nausea will pass too...

  2. Congrats :) I hope the morning sickness passes quickly!